Via Gesù - Milano


via Gesù - Milano

The renaissance via Gesù, a unique street in the “Fashion square” of Milan, is now protagonist of an innovative lighting project.

The aim of the intervention is to enhance the peculiarities of this place where you can still see sophisticated boutiques, antiquarians and artisans, next to the renaissance Museum Bagatti Valsecchi and the Four Seasons Hotel, once convent Santa Maria del Gesù. With this project the street will become even more an ideal space also for the numerous resident families.

A visionary project, promoted by Association of via Gesù together with Fondazione Riccardo Catella and realized by Artemide, company leader in light design, with the synergy of the Municipality of Milan and A2A. Long since promoted by the Municipality, today the Smart City Concept is applied in via Gesù as an evolved version where, through light, information, relationality and culture are brought into a central and historical area of the city.

A constant “flow of light” will be created by Nur – meaning light in ancient Egyptian – a custom-made lamp in this Outdoor special version for via Gesù. The lighting system will guide the visitors through a new perceptive experience along the street, which links the renowned via Montenapoleone with the likewise sophisticated via della Spiga. Nur Outdoor will project light blades of different colours onto the facades, creating not only a scan of the space but also a perspectival vision, that combined, will mark the rhythm of the walk. This will enable the bystanders to witness the beauty of these architectures’ facades and balconies, as well as the history of the places.

The new “Flow of Light” which will run down via Gesù it is a perfect fit not only for the Association’s purpose of enhancing its cultural and social heritage but also for Fondazione Catella, which has been active for a long time in the promotion and development of the territory, also through a modern and even technological usage of it, thought for the wellbeing of the its citizens.

Nur Outdoor project goes beyond the realm of the light performance. It activates a connection with people, an ideal participation, almost a spontaneous empathy, like it used to happen amongst the residents of the neighbourhood. Through an interactive intelligence, Nur Outdoor bonds the passers-by with the landmarks and the history of this street in the heart of Milan.